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Jan 5, 2011
1. Project Plan
  Autonomous Helicopter Project
Helicopter Project Plan
Version 0.1

The following is an outline for the Helicopter Project Plan.  Each section will be linked as it is completed to make for easy document navigation.
  1. Airframe Design
    1. Physical dimensions, size, weight; weight budget
    2. Payload mount
    3. Component suppliers & prices
  2. Electronics Design
    1. Motor Control Unit Design (based on Arduino Pro board) [link]
    2. Motor Driver Circuit Design (PWM driver, current sense & navigation light) [link]
    3. Inertial Measurement Unit  Description (GPS, roll sensors, XYZ accelerometers) [Arduino board]
    4. RC Receiver Interface
    5. Component suppliers & prices
  3. Payload Design
    1. Camera and RF Data Link
    2. Component suppliers & prices
  4. Orientation & Stabilization control software
    1. Motion Stabilization & control
    2. Obstacle avoidance
  5. Navigation Software
    1. GPS Waypoint list management
    2. XYZ location management
    3. PST orientation management
  6. Ground Station Design
    1. Component suppliers & prices
  7. Testing
  8. Performance Analysis
  9. Bill of Materials
  10. Summary Report
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