I am a Semiconductor Industry veteran currently focusing on development-stage companies in the fields of semiconductors, MEMS, Intellectual Property and EDA. I spend the vast majority of my time as a Venture Partner with Mayfield (US and Mayfield/China), a top-ranked venture capital firm based in Menlo Park, California. When I'm not in California working with Mayfield, I work in Austin, Texas. I help with the BOD of LV Sensors in Emeryville, CA. and am on the boards of Mobert Semiconductor (Shanghai, China) and LatticePower Semiconductor (Nanchang, China). I also have some independent board roles with a number of companies including Camgian Networks, Sirific Wireless and Silicon Hive.

Prior to working with Mayfield, I was Chairman and Interim-CEO of ARC International plc (London, UK) a Semiconductor Intellectual Property Company. I have also previously been CEO of Synergy Semiconductor (high speed bipolar ICs), CEO of Stream Machine (MPEG-2 CODEC company), and have served as a senior executive of several high technology companies.

Prior to being a small-company entrepreneur, I was a VLSI-Fellow at VLSI Technology, Inc., where I co-created the PC Chip-Set Division of VLSI and organized ARM Ltd., a UK-based processor design and intellectual property licensing company.

In my spare time I read about business, emerging technolgies and I try to get a run in every now and then. During the past 8 years, I've managed to complete 7 marathons. Mostly at a slow pace (PBT=3:45), but none the less, I finished them!

I have a BS Degree in Nuclear and Electrical Engineering with honors, from the University of Texas at Austin which I earned a long-long time ago.

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