As attractive as it might seem for the entrepreneur to send out Serialized Business Plans to VCs, this will almost always back-fire on the entrepreneur. Many VCs pride themselves (and justify their existence to LPs) on their Proprietary Deal Flow which infers that they get to see a deal even before industry leading VC firms might see it. One way for an entrepreneur to disabuse a VC of that notion is to send them a hard copy of a business plan (or Power Point presentation) with a number on it such as Serial Number 30. Instantly the VC knows that they are at the back of the bus, and even if they like the deal, it is likely to have something wrong with it that has slipped by them since so many others have already looked at it. The simple advice here is: Don't do it! With email and PPT slide presentations these days, it is much less of an issue than previously, but surprisingly it still comes up (it was mentioned to me last night at a dinner with some of my German VC friends).