During the past week I've reviewed Annual Operating Plans from a number of my companies, some were better than others. One of them was so good, that I thought I'd create an outline of it and post it here so others might have the benefit of the wisdom of the entrepreneurs that came up with it (LV Sensors, Inc.). The other CEOs that I work with had their own versions of the same document, but not quite as succinct or as well organized as this one. Below is a link to the Rich Text Format (RTF) version of the document, save-as to download to your machine. At some point in the future, I'll try to make Excel versions of the financial charts, but for now, the indent-organized text versions should be enough to get going with.

I also recommend that VC Firms adopt a common AOP format, which they should push down to their investments. This would make life so much easier when managing a portfolio of investments, since there would be a common format for where to find things. Until that Utopian world exists, try doing this on a company-by-company basis.

AOP Outline: Link