I recently sat through a BOD meeting where I thought that there was too much emphasis on day-to-day activities (who had a meeting with who - and, of course, they were always "good meetings") and not enough on the Big Picture of what was really going on with the company and their prospective customers. I recall one of my other companies having a BOD presentation that felt to me like it had the right combination of high level (dashboard charts) and detailed information in it, so I made an outline from it which I've attached here. Feel free to download it, use as you see fit and hopefully improve upon it. If you have any really good suggestions, please pass them onto me so I can update this for myself and others.

There are multiple things that a CEO should try to accomplish in a BOD meeting, but the biggest one is to provide the Directors with a snapshot of what is happening at the company and get their non-cluttered view of key decisions that the company faces.  Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the detail and "Not be able to see the forest for all of the trees".  An outsider's uncluttered perspective helps sort this out.  There isn't anything magic or particularly insightful about this perspective, but it just it's just that it has some distance associated with it.  There are other things that the CEO always must keep in mind as well, such as when he/she is going to be raising the next funding round, and how to create an "exit scenario" that benefits everyone around the table well.

Expect to spend a fair amount of time going over key customer activities and have a summary of what is working and what isn't.  While the business is young the basic value proposition of the business is fairly flexible (undeveloped) and the insights of the Directors can help shape it.  Also, pay keen attention to competitive developments and have strategies to defend your company against these developments.

Since Directors only see the company every one to three months, having charts that show previous forecasts, action items and status is a good idea.  The use of "Waterfall" chats in financials is particularly good.  It shows the BOD what was forecast and when, and of course how it changed as the actual month/quarter became reality.  One of the benefits of these kind of charts is that those that prepare them become increasingly realistic (as they can be) about their forecast and try to minimize the wishful thinking that often goes into them.

Example BOD Presentation Template: Link