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1. tFM Database Overview

This is a summary page for my tiny File Manager & database project called tFM. The idea is to make something that resembles FileMaker Pro, but have it totally focused on the web for every aspect of its user interface. The goal is to make it easy to use and not require learning complex SQL queries, but still powerful enough to make most dynamic pages that you would find on the web.

Some of the major features include:

  • Tags that can be inserted into web pages for dynamic content
  • Tags that can cause database search/edit/delete operations
  • Schema abstraction beyond rows & columns to include collections and files
  • User Token and Variable support for intra-page calculations
  • Simple embedded scripting support (still a work in progress)
  • Simple triggers based on data operations and timer values
Other system level features include:
  • SMTP email send support
  • Yahoo quote retrieval support
  • Database replication which operates on both LAN and WAN (push & pull records)
  • Monitor function that restarts a server instance if it becomes unresponsive
The current state of the project is still partially complete, but some core functions such as the web server and database have been stable and in continuous operation for the past two years (my blog site and our neighborhood website have been hosted on tFM since 2008).

Since this site has been available, I've used it to document my thoughts about implementation trade-offs where I'm currently focusing my spare time efforts. The following are some of the recent areas of development:
The current implementation is limited to Windows, but the next generation of the program will be ported to Mono Develop (.Net) for portability to Linux and the Mac OS.
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